Damka Matters

Damka, Nigeria Partnership

The Grand View Nigeria Partnership began in 2011 when Pastor Tom Shinkle stood in front of the congregation at Grand View and shared a vision God had put in front of him: that Grand View was being called by God to go somewhere in the world and do something significant for other people in the name of Jesus Christ. 11 years later we're still learning, loving, and growing in our partnership with Damka, Nigeria.
Thank you to all who help made this ministry vision a reality!
“This is a relationship-based mission, not a project-based mission. What is being built by God, through us, is bigger than buildings, classrooms, and soccer balls. We get to be part of helping Christians and Muslims discover how to live together in peace again.”
– Rev. Tom Shinkle

Damka Matters

The name given to this ministry is "Damka Matters". It's important because every person truly matters, especially those who may feel left on the outskirts of our global society. Grand View is honored to partner with this village and watch the school and church grow each year. 

Damka School

Currently, 225 students attend the Damka Primary School built with Grand View’s help in 2018, and 45 students attend the Ethel Johnson Comprehensive Secondary School in Karim. Each student is sponsored for a full year by generous Grand View members. 

“We helped plant a Christian church & school on the edge of Muslim territory. Grand View is showing the world that Muslims and Christians can live together in peace.”  – Rev. Tom Shinkle

Sunday School Offerings

Grand View’s PreK-12 Sunday School students are donating their weekly offerings to help pay for Damka school uniforms. $8 purchases one uniform. A graphic on the Sunday School hallway wall shows that we currently have enough funds for 37 school uniforms.


Child Sponsorship:
Pick up a “Damka Partnership Opportunities” form at the church or complete it online below. You may pay via cash, check (write Damka Child Sponsorship on your check), or online. If you pay online (still complete the online sponsorship form) choose “Damka Child Sponsorship” in the drop down menu. Pay online at www.grandviewdubuque.org/give.

Damka Matters:
Other areas to help participate in this ministry include helping to pay for Damka school teachers, travel expenses for a mission team, the dissemination of uniforms and books, and more. To donate to Damka Matters general fund, write “Damka Matters” on your check, cash, or choose “Damka Matters” in the drop down menu online. Pay online at www.grandviewdubuque.org/give.