Cell Groups

What are Cell Groups?

Cell Groups are specifically designed to help all participants grow and mature in the understanding, experience, and practice of the Christian faith. There are different aspects of a cell: social, care, love, support, encouragement, to know and be known. These aspects or benefits all are produced naturally when the group focuses upon the primary activity of reading the same scripture, talking about it, praying for one another, and helping hold one another to deeper expectations. Our Cells are made up of 12 or fewer people in a group, who pray for one another and meet together once a week for at least an hour.

The plan is for the Cell groups who are practicing this Scripture reading and reflection method to then share their experiences with the Scripture during their Cell meeting time. And then, I will use that week’s Scripture for the Sunday sermon. The other new practices for Cells: living with a written covenant between all members of the Cell and two members of the Cell being the Shepherds or leaders of the group. In the new year, I will then communicate with all of the Shepherds each week; checking in with them, encouraging them, and assisting however I can.

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