What We Do

We simply Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World

These three simple words have helped grow Grand View into a thriving, active, and engaged church on a mission for God.

Love God


Worship is the main event at Grand View; the opportunity for the whole community to come together and  focus on building relationships with God and with God's people. Loving God starts by worshiping God in our church-wide Worship Celebrations.

Read Scripture

We love God by knowing what is written throughout God's word–the Bible. At Grand View, we place an emphasis on reading scripture as a whole community. The weekly scripture reading directs the Sunday sermons and weekly small groups (Cell Groups).


Jesus taught us to stay in connection with God through Prayer. At Grand View, whether in worship, small groups, prayer groups, or elsewhere, we believe that God works through the power of prayer.

Love Others

Small Groups

A church gets bigger by getting smaller. At Grand View it's a basic part of being the church to be in a small group. Small groups, both adults and youth, gather to know each other, care about each other, and share in the study of God's Word. From Bible study to breakfast groups, we have a way for you to take a next step.

Serving Inside & Outside Our Walls

Grand View is a church that focuses on serving inside our walls and outside our walls by serving God through the church. Rev. Tom Shinkle has reminded Grand View that we are a hospital ship with each person serving by their abilities and passions to make the community better. Become involved in serving God today!

Know and Be Known

In a world where things seem more impersonal than ever, Grand View is committed to helping everyone that enters this building in person or joins us online to know others and be known by others – it's that simple. Watch for upcoming events that are fun opportunities to gather in Christian community.

Stephen Ministry

Grand View is blessed to have an active, thriving Stephen Ministry in place. If you are in need of a trained, caring individual to help you navigate life's up's and down's, or, if you're interested in becoming a Stephen Minister to help others on their journey, contact our Member Care Coordinator, Terri.

Serve the World

In Our Community

Grand View believes that we have a purpose outside of our church walls, and that purpose to serve starts in our local community. In partnerships with schools, Habitat for Humanity, Resources Unite, and many other local ministries Grand View goes out to serve.

In Our Nation

Once or twice a year we take Grand View on the road to where the hurting are in our world. These trips may seem to be about buildings and construction, but they are about so much more. Grand View work trips build relationships and takes the healing Name of Jesus to those who need it.

In Our World

There are people, communities, children in our world that don't have the opportunities found in Dubuque or throughout the United States. In 2012, Grand View committed to following God's call to the least of these and became engaged with a village in Africa - Damka, Nigeria. This mission continues today sending hundreds to schools, providing clean water, and offering hope in the midst of this village. Click here to learn more about Damka, Nigeria and Grand View's mission Damka Matters.