Grand View Reads

What is Grand View Reads?

Grand View Reads is a church-wide bible reading plan encouraging all of our church to read the same scripture every day for a week. That same week cell groups meet to discuss the reading, Pastor Tom preaches about the passage, and we all grow deeper in our understanding of God and God's word.
Here are some questions to look at everyday–all or some of them–to help move deeper into the Scripture and be more receptive to God’s Holy Spirit speaking to you and forming you:

  • What are my general thoughts or reactions to this Chapter?
  • What did I read today that was either challenging or exciting?
  • Is there a verse or image or teaching that seems to be grabbing my attention today?
  • What is God wanting me to know?
  • Is this pointing to something that I need to do or an area of growth for me?
  • Is this pointing to something I have done or experienced before in my life?
  • Is this something I need to share with others as a way to encourage or help them?

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