Adult Faith Formation

Growing Stronger in Christian Community

Growing as faithful followers of God never ceases. We are all called to be continually formed by God through study, prayer, and fellowship with others. Check out these adult small group Faith Formation opportunities at Grand View.

Cell Groups

Meets once a week for an hour

Cell Groups are small groups that meet for one hour each week at various locations and times. We call our small groups Cell Groups for one main reason: the Church is to be the living body of Jesus, alive in the world. Just as human cells are the building blocks of the body, so too, Cell Groups are the building blocks of a healthy and vital congregation.

Learn more about what Cell Groups and all of Grand View are reading in Grand View Reads.

Christians Renewed Every Wednesday (CREW )

<<Christians Renewed Every Wednesday (CREW) is currently on hold.>>
CREW is a special midweek gathering for families and individuals to come together for an evening of food, worship, and small group learning. We begin at 5:30pm with a kid-friendly light meal ($2/person suggested). At 6pm, Pastor Tom and the Grand View Youth House Band lead an upbeat family-based worship. At 6:30pm we break into small groups, nursery-adult, where meaningful connections to each other and to God are made through Christian learning.

Parents Group

Meets Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm

The Grand View Parents Group will return this fall. Parents Group is a place for parents with children in the home to connect to each other in a small group setting and study how God calls us to raise our kids in a GodStrong home. The Parents Group is a place where parents can openly learn from one other, share best practices of how to raise Christian children, & connect to other parents. All parents are encouraged and welcome to attend!

Various Studies

Meets Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm

Throughout the year Rev. Tom Shinkle, Terri Nichols, and others offer various studies and groups on Wednesday nights. These range from Bible studies to learning more about your spiritual gifts.

Sunday Morning Opportunities
(Temporarily on Hold)

Weekly, 9:30am

Adult Bible Study

Have you ever asked yourself, or been asked, questions like “Why should you pray?” or “How do you read the Bible?” or “What does the Holy Spirt do?” If you are curious about those questions or have other questions about being a Christian, join this group to grow closer to God and to God's people during the Sunday School hour.

Adult XYZ Sunday School

One is never too old to attend Sunday School! Called XYZ for Xtra Years of Zest, this group studies and Adult Bible Studies booklet which contain weekly lessons, discussion points, and a daily Bible study calendar to know what to read throughout the week. Group leaders take turns leading the class each week.

Men's Shop Talk

Men's Shot Talk  is an informal group of men that meets for a little "shop talk", then usually dives into a discussion about the lesson of the day. If you're a man between the ages of 18 and 98, please feel free to join the group.